Are you struggling​ with the need to Conform?

On Picking Up a Paintbrush The bristles were dipped with care into azure blue. Cobalt paint rolled an ocean wild, untamed And this landlocked soul began to play. A memory surfaced with recognisable hue. Exhilaration slipped its eternal, anchor chain, Freedom untied its moorings and cast off. Over crisp, white paper, the brush strokes launched.…Read more Are you struggling​ with the need to Conform?

5 Minutes by the Sea

On still days, 
The Sea laps the shores of humanity  
Quietly soothing hearts 
And whispering 
That it needs no permission 
To arrive,                 
 or leave.

It was a surprising weather window, or so I am told by our AirB&B host as we arrived at our long weekend accommodation fresh…Read more 5 Minutes by the Sea