Calm, solitude, stillness

When the Mist Descends

I follow Robert Macfarlane on twitter and particularly look forward to reading his word definition tweets. One that caught my attention recently was an Irish/ Gaeilge word,  “ciúnas gan uaigneas”, which literally means “quietness without loneliness” A phrase, he explains, that carries a sense of peaceful solitude, of being beyond the usual chaos & noise. I…Read more When the Mist Descends

Are you struggling​ with the need to Conform?

On Picking Up a Paintbrush The bristles were dipped with care into azure blue. Cobalt paint rolled an ocean wild, untamed And this landlocked soul began to play. A memory surfaced with recognisable hue. Exhilaration slipped its eternal, anchor chain, Freedom untied its moorings and cast off. Over crisp, white paper, the brush strokes launched.…Read more Are you struggling​ with the need to Conform?