Calm, solitude, stillness

When the Mist Descends

I follow Robert Macfarlane on twitter and particularly look forward to reading his word definition tweets. One that caught my attention recently was an Irish/ Gaeilge word,  “ciúnas gan uaigneas”, which literally means “quietness without loneliness” A phrase, he explains, that carries a sense of peaceful solitude, of being beyond the usual chaos & noise. I…Read more When the Mist Descends

An English Woodland Ball

Come dance now? As these days lengthen into warm evenings, For the Woodland has prepared her dappled halls With banners of green from her spring stores. Carpets of lilac and white she has laid Delicate, soft - a nymphs delight! Drifting on the freshening air, Wild garlic intoxicates, Gold, beam sun illuminates the regal scene…Read more An English Woodland Ball

Are you struggling​ with the need to Conform?

On Picking Up a Paintbrush The bristles were dipped with care into azure blue. Cobalt paint rolled an ocean wild, untamed And this landlocked soul began to play. A memory surfaced with recognisable hue. Exhilaration slipped its eternal, anchor chain, Freedom untied its moorings and cast off. Over crisp, white paper, the brush strokes launched.…Read more Are you struggling​ with the need to Conform?