About Debs

My name is Deborah, a photographer, poet and writer. An over 50 something, who finds inspiration for life and art by living in harmony with nature.

I grew up in the north west of England, in the county of Lancashire. My family life was often emotionally challenging and overshadow by the alcohol abuse. As a child, my grandparent’s house was a place of sanctuary and I loved spending time there. They had small piece of land and kept chickens. It was perfect for all kinds of games and adventure, like playing hide and seek in empty pig pens. I’d help by collecting eggs and picking apples in the autumn, which would be stored in bedding boxes in an old, static caravan ‘down the field’. As I grew older, I began wandering the woods and hills near my home with camera in hand and used these times in nature as inspiration to write, learn and live. Here, I found comfort, healing and hope during a time of emotional turbulence.

I spend 25 years teaching children aged from 5 to 11 and I am a qualified Forest School teacher.

I am passionate about the value nature brings to our everyday lives and that we as individuals and communities will only truly be whole, when we live in connection and harmony with it

It is my hope that my dialogue with nature provides you too with moments of inspiration and suggestions for how nature can benefit your health, well-being and quality of life. Then, together we will seek to protect and preserve our world with diligence.

Mindful things for Summer

6 Mindful Things to do Outside this Summer

Here are 6 simple mindful things you can do this summer. With lengthening days, there seems so much more time to spend outdoors and it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to take some intentional time and relax. Don’t you think?

How to eat out and stay safe – Have a picnic!

Picnics are one of my favourite things to do because they combine food and the outside. I also have to say my picnic basket is a thing of beauty. With pandemic life still with us, perhaps a picnic is one of the safest ways to enjoy eating out this year? So here, from my many years of experience, is my guide to a fabulous picnic.