The City with Nature on its Doorstep: A slow walk in the Vienna Woods

A Video walk in the Vienna woods

When the opportunity to live in the city of Vienna first came along, I was not too keen. It was the word ‘city’ that made me recoil. I imaged a fast paced life, with noise, fumes and concrete.

However, I was wrong. I found a city with style, wide open spaces and plenty of opportunities to take life slow. I found one of the greenest cities in Europe. I found a city with a ‘green lung’ – the Vienna Woods. The Vienna Woods are a vast expanse of beech covered hills that make finding peace and calm deliciously easy.

City Hiking Trails

There are ten well-marked city trails that are safe, easy to follow and accessible using the public transport within the city. These are substantial walks on well maintained tracks, but climb steeply into the woods. Most take between 2 – 4 hours to complete, so hiking shoes and boots are essential, along with clothing appropriate to the weather and a bottle of water. There are heuringers dotted along the trails, where its possible to get food and drink, but be aware that out of season these can be closed.

In this video I take you along Stadtwanderweg 2. I often take a mindful, quiet walks up into the beech forests. These woods are the perfect place to find peace and solitude. If you do come and visit Vienna, make some time for  a slow walk and head out into the nature that surrounds this city.

Got a little more time for more reflection? Where does your soul find stillness?

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