6 Mindful things to do in July

Mindful days for July

Well, we are now truly in the heart of Summer. How has it been for you so far? Have you experienced good or bad weather? Have you had too much rain and not enough sun? I have had a few extremes, as I divide my time between life in Vienna and back to the UK. Five solid days for rain when I was in the UK in May? Then 45C on the balcony back here in June?

As thoughts turn to summer holidays and the month of July grabs us by the hand, let’s make the most of these long days. Let’s live with intention and be mindful of the choices we make. Let’s seek nature connection and most of all let’s leave space for fund!  So here is my to-do list for the month of July. What else would you like to add? Apologies for those living in the southern hemisphere, maybe you could replace July with January?

1 Eat outside

Barbecues are perfect at this time of year. There is nothing quite like food cooked outside. It is also a treat to find a cafe with an outside seating area. One of my favourites was in Grasmere, The Grasmere Tea Gardens, in the Lake District, where we could sit on the terrace by a babbling stream and watch the birds dart across the water.

2. Walk barefoot.

6 Mindful things to do in July

Barefoot walking is quite normal at the beach, but what about in a woodland, or across grass early in the morning? Without the barrier of shoes, the texture and heat of the land can more easily be felt. Dipping toes into a fresh stream will be fun and invigorating. Standing barefoot in soft mud brave and child awakening.

3. Keep the window open

Hopefully with the weather warm enough it is possible to sleep with the window open. There is no better way to start the day than the smell and sound of cool morning air drifting into the room. Alternatively, leave the window open and listen to a summer rain shower or for a more dramatic effect a thunderstorm.

4. Stand around a fire as the night draws in.

Towards the end of July, the night begins to creep closer and there is nothing cosier than a real fire on a late summer evening. The crackling wood, the dancing flames or the glowing embers are all fuel for thoughtfulness. It always surprises me how sitting around a fire, draws people together.  I use a metal fire pit on a stand in the garden.

5. Lie in a hammock.

Hammocks are really great fun and can be used to help you achieve number 5. Make sure if you buy one, it comes with thick straps, that way when it is slung between two trees the straps are less damaging to the tree trunks. My favourite place to take a hammock is up into the woods. I like to take a book and my journey to read, write and think as gently rock.

6 Mindful things to do in July

6. Look at the night sky.

Sleeping outside under an open sky can be mesmerising. It works well in a back garden and is a treat to share with children, but out in the wild with the limited effects of light pollution is something else

Even as I write this, my mind is racing with many more ideas. What about you? What has this list inspired you to do? Please add your suggestions in the comments and before you leave, give me a thumbs up!

May I suggest this post written during the heat of summer.

Have a lovely July!