Breathe the Free Air- invigorate your day!

Breathe the free air

I took a walk out of my front door this morning to see what I could see. After lots of rain and grey, dull clouds, the pale blue sky and golden light were a feast for the eyes, and I couldn’t resist.
My routine has changed recently, and so it has been harder to get outside. I find I am spending more and more time at the computer screen working on writing or photography projects – all connected with nature, but not actually in nature!
Did you know that we are rapidly becoming an indoor generation that spends up to 90% of our time inside? We work inside, we play inside, and we exercise inside. We use artificial light to make us feel happier and chemical scents to make the air smell fresher. Scientists claim that our homes are up to four times more polluted than outside. That’s a little shocking!

One May Morning-6944
I feel that I am fighting the battle between indoors and outdoors and I haven’t quite got the balance right. I know that even a short walk outside is enough to make me feel calmer, happier and invigorated. There will always be some nature delicacy waiting to catch my eye and make me smile. So on this morning, rather than reach for a cup of coffee to boost my energy levels, I opened the door and headed out into the sunlight. My well-being took priority. 

One May Morning-6926So come and walk with me. Breathe the free air. Take a 20 min break from your inside life and find somewhere outside you can go to. A back lane close to the house is my perfect 20 mins breather. Today it was the smells and sights of mid-spring that got my senses buzzing.

Breathe the Free Air

Breathe the Free Air – A Reflective Poem

At the end of the path, the mushrooms marshalled.

The moon faded into the sunrise sky.

From wheat fields, morning dew sparkled.

In hedgerows trimmed with Queen Anne’s lace,

A shy dog rose beckoned.

Quietly, the aroma of elderflowers ambled by.

Crisp, cold blue-green air,

Fuelled my spirit with life.

What about you? Where did your 20 min breather take you?

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