I follow Robert Macfarlane on twitter and particularly look forward to reading his word definition tweets. One that caught my attention recently was an Irish/ Gaeilge word,  “ciúnas gan uaigneas”, which literally means “quietness without loneliness” A phrase, he explains, that carries a sense of peaceful solitude, of being beyond the usual chaos & noise.

Calm, stillness, solitudeI went for a walk in the mist one morning and found myself beyond the usual chaos and noise of life as everything around me was still.  The strange part was that a little later, I drove up and over the hill behind where I live, breaking through the hanging mist into brilliant sunshine, before descending again beneath the white blanket. I found it curiously exciting to have two places so close together one with sun and singing birds; the other silent, and enveloped by clouds. I am sure there are many metaphors one can reach about these changing elements of air, for me it was the stillness that the mist offered my soul

A thick blanket stills the air
The birds silenced.
Mist lifts her finger
And with quizzical eye
Says hush, silence, 
Be still from the incessant rushing noise
And whirring wheels
Of cars
Of people
Of life.

calm, stillness, solitude


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