An English Woodland Ball

Burleigh Wood, Charnwood, Leicestershire, UK

Come dance now?

As these days lengthen into warm evenings,

For the Woodland has prepared her dappled halls

With banners of green from her spring stores.

Carpets of lilac and white she has laid

Delicate, soft – a nymphs delight!

Drifting on the freshening air,

Wild garlic intoxicates,

Gold, beam sun illuminates the regal scene

While an orchestra of bird song announces your royal arrival.

Uncertainty continues to creep around my life at the moment, while the rhetoric in the big world is unpleasant, accusatory and false. I felt I needed a walk, a ‘medicine walk’. Did you know nature is prescribed as medicine? Time out in a natural environment has a positive effect on mental health and well being.  I needed a dose of natural medicine to refresh my mind and there is nothing quite like a bluebell wood on a sunny day – the air, the light, the birds and the dappled green are all good medicine for the soul. 

This year, I have cherished the song of the birds more than ever before. Their constant spring joy fascinates me. I have a bird song alarm, so each morning rather than a sound that jerks me into the land of the awake, the birds sing to me. Most mornings I am awake very early and love to hear the real thing, but should I need it, the gentle bird alarm is there.

I also read about the ‘Let Nature Sing’ campaign from the RSPB. Did you know that 56% of UK wildlife is in decline? – I think from reports in the press its not just the UK. The RSPB produced a song of bird song which you can download, to raise money to protect wildlife and raise awareness. I downloaded my copy, why don’t you? – click the link ‘Let Nature Sing’ if you want to find out more.

Spending time in woodland is a powerful antidote to all that is challenging in the world and if you are going to choose a time, then Spring is the best in the UK, because of the bluebells. Up and down the country, along roadsides and in gardens these beautiful little flowers appear sometime in the middle of April and are done by the middle of May, so you haven’t got long to catch them.

Take a hot drink and a mat. Find a place that catches your attention and sit for a while – but not on the flowers!

Here are a small few bluebell woods  I recommend.

  1. Burleigh Wood, Charnwood, Leicestershire

Burleigh Wood, Charnwood, Leicestershire, UK

2. Rutland Water, Rutland 

Bluebells at Rutland Water, Rutland UK


3. Brock Valley, Lancashire 

Brock Valley Picnic Site, Lancashire, UK