5 Minutes by the Sea

On still days, 
The Sea laps the shores of humanity  
Quietly soothing hearts 
And whispering 
That it needs no permission 
To arrive,                 
         or leave.

It was a surprising weather window, or so I am told by our AirB&B host as we arrived at our long weekend accommodation fresh from standing by an empty marina in Sonderborg, Denmark enjoying our 5 minutes in nature “We never get weather like this in winter!” she said.

At first, I was a little taken aback. What, you don’t see the sun at all? For the whole of winter? Were the thoughts that danced in my head. Those, and the slight concern that we have been lulled, by the glorious Danish summer of 2018, into a false sense of security. Even the girl at the car hire centre eye’s lit up with a nostalgic reminisce. A doe-eyed look of one who has experienced many a disappointing summer and that last year was one to fix, firmly in the memory. My expectations of a short wearing, barefoot summer 2019 maybe need to be adjusted.

I have, locked in the deep vaults of childhood, recollections of summers in Scotland. Thermals, rain, mist and shivering were the order of many of the days. Yet, when the sun did appear and lightly bathed purple-tinged mountains and deep green valleys, a similar doe-eyed look crosses my face at the thought. Then, I must come to understand the need to savour the moments of beauty – the golden light, the smell of pine trees, the lapping of a quiet sea and the graceful arc of a red sun sliding below the horizon. So that when nature has a ‘bad hair day’ or wishes to wear grey sweat pants, it is ok. But perhaps not for weeks at a time?!