Missed – Understanding?

I just missed the bus, I just missed the train

I just missed the ring, as it swirled down the drain.

I just missed the robin singing up in the tree

It seems I walk by it far too quick-erly


I just missed reaching my target weight

I’d spent too much time eating too many cakes


I just missed the sigh and the downward glance

I wasn’t prepared to give you the chance.

I just missed letting you explain the swirls in your head

I ploughed on regardless, didn't hear what you said.

I just missed giving you the time of day

Well you do rather tend to get in my way?

I just missed the opening to learn about you

To discover the things that you long to do.

I just missed noticing how much we’re the same.

I spent all of the time saying you were to blame.

My position is fixed, you make too many demands.
It is just so much easier to miss - understand. 

It was a lovely sunny morning today. I feel as if I haven’t seen one of those for a while. A day where the sky is rich blue, and there are no clouds. As a consequence, I changed my plans and went out for a walk. It has been snowing here, so I decided to head for the hills and see what the woods look like covered in snow. Snow in woods always reminds me of Narnia. However, when I reached the end of the road, the bus sailed past. I missed it! No matter I thought. I will wait for the next one. I need to take two buses to reach the woods and would you believe it, I missed that one too!

The events led to me thinking about the things I miss… busses, trains, opportunities. I began to think about how when my life gets really busy, I tend to let go of important things, for example, family,  friends and understanding. The previous day, the British government had had yet another debit and vote on the process of Brexit. The morning after, newspapers and social media were filled with views, opinions and thoughts. For much of what I read, a dialogue is a lost art and I supposed writing this poem is my way to respond.