In need of a quiet place?

A quiet peaceful place

We seem to be living at an interesting time in history. I will be honest and say I am not really enjoying it. January has begun with an intensity and a level of uncertainty that stretches the emotional sinews to a breaking point.

New Year is always a time for reflection and making plans and I recall sitting in a favoured spot a year ago waxing lyrical about the intentions Chris and I had for the coming twelve months. Most of them happened. We have taken our first steps towards living a different life. The dream is to travel and that is why we now have a yacht. I suppose this sounds very grand and immediately you start thinking of crystal, blue waters, secluded coves and warm, golden sunshine. At least, that’s what I imagine.

However, at the present moment, the reality is somewhat different. Our lovely yacht is in a shed in Denmark and needs a bit of work to make her safe and to make her home. It is currently rather cold and dark in Denmark, which presents a few challenges when it comes to the DIY jobs – Paints, varnish, epoxy (whatever that is?) can’t be applied below 10 degrees C. A further challenge looms like a ghostly apparition in the form of Brexit. Denmark is in Europe and our prospects for freely moving to and from look set to be taken away from us and, by the end of March, our time may be rationed. Consequently, we are trying to complete as much upgrading on Andromeda as we can, now.

We have fallen in love with the area of Denmark where she is stored, so while there are challenges, it is a pleasure to come back and see the place in a different season. I was particularly keen to revisit Nørrescoven, the ancient, beech woodland on the eastern edge of the Isle of Als. I was not disappointed. Just as in the summer, the location had a peaceful, quietness about it, that was intoxicating. I was surprised by its effect and for just a few moments, stood on the beach listening to the gentle song of the sea, the swirling uncertainty of what may or may not happen and how events may or may not affect us, disappeared. I think this coming year quiet places are going to be important to find.

Here is the video, I made about our latest trip. I hope you enjoy it.