A Corrupting Silence

A corrupting silence

There is a silence that corrupts the soul,

As a lonely man walks down a road.

A mental tut, a tapping shoe.

I know all about you!


A story is told that’s deep and long

And very possibly entirely wrong!


Condemning, simmering, quiet hate

The need to dissect and then berate

The cigarette,

The unwashed hair,

This man is clearly going nowhere!

To be ignored is what’s best for him

Throw his value in the bin


A delicate, crystal cold white heart

Protects from compassion’s messy parts

Dehumanise its the way to be

It saves us from the need to see!

One thought on “A Corrupting Silence

  1. Eyes they see and speak
    Silently..a picture is framed
    A game of words is played to name
    that girl..or boy..a guilt to annoy
    Ahoy! stop
    Silent..don’t think nor talk
    Look inside yourself and reach
    your heart has lost a warm beat


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