Resting on a still day
November, the air hangs still

The sky left to the lament of crows

A toneless dirge on empty fields

The pallid sun fights to puncture thin clouds

Nature’s pause, before the storms of winter.

On my recent morning walks, I have noticed the stillness of the air and the quietness around me, which has been heightened by the only noise I hear – that of crows. I pondered for a while, why this noise should peek my curiosity and then I realised…. no other birds are singing. No sweet blackbirds, or melodic robins.

I wondered too, if the land reflected my mood and I recalled a meditation I once read with the admonition to not escape too easily from a still November day. So I walked and pondered some more about my own current journey.  This has been a strange few weeks as I wrestle with the consequence of too much stress and anxiety.  I’ve been to the doctors again and I am making progress. I didn’t burst into tears today! It was also an opportunity to ask about the extreme tiredness that I have been experiencing over the last weeks. Some days, I have only wanted to sit and I’ve gone to bed ridiculously early and slept for over eight hours.

The doctor explained that this was not surprising with the amount of stress I was carrying, but it was good that I had allowed my body to rest. Light bulb moment…this was my body resting? A swirl of emotions circled my head. My body was clearly doing what it needed to, but I did not recognise it and I must confess I did try to fight it. For one thing, it worried me.  I suddenly realised how unfamiliar the experience of resting has become to me and then reflected just how long it has taken my body to get to a place of real rest and recuperation.

The land around me is empty and beginning to take time to rest, a rest that will last for several months.No more production. No new life until the spring. Only recuperation. As I walk this adventure called life, what can I learn from my family The Natural Work about resting and how do I apply it to my journey?