When Stress Couch Surfs on my Sofa!

Dealing with stress

This morning I sat in the doctor’s surgery and cried. It is the third time I have sat in the same position in the last few weeks. Progress has been, I suppose, because the crescendo of emotion spewing out from the build up of the last few months – frustration, weariness, pain and confusion – has dimmed slightly, but it has not gone away. Each time I face the reality that, ‘stress’ is couch surfing on my sofa and shows little desire of leaving, even though I convince myself it moved on a week ago. An update with my doctor informs me otherwise.

So where does that leave me? Well we’ve ‘Mental Awareness Week’ recently, highlighting the growing understanding that at some point, a straw will break a camel’s back and emotional life, as many of us know it, will tumble out of control. I guess I just didn’t think it would happen to me. I have needed the wisdom of others to give me the permission to ‘take time’ and I have the beauty of this wonderful season of autumn to teach me to rest. As I walk along the country lane each day, I drink in it’s dying colour, knowing that one day, the days will indeed begin to grow long and the fresh green of life will return.

To my fellow strugglers, this poem is for you!


I am tired

My brain is flat

No energy

For all that

Creative imagination



Deep pots of lively exploration


Delicious scents of strawberry tasting ideas

Spiral into the air

Expectant, hopeful, clear.

I am tired

My heart is sad

No desire

For all that

Persistent expectation



High waterfalls of joyful exhalation


Delightful aromas of wild garlic hopes

Sail across oceans

Wild, limitless, free

...I am just tired...

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