The Power of a Stone

The power of stones

Wandered along a beach on the Island of Kegnæs, Denmark with my camera, intent on finding patterns and shapes, when my attention was draw to these stones placed on the edge of the jetty. Their colours, against that of the jetty, intrigued me. Then my mind began to consider where they had come from and what could be done with them.

These stones are sea washed

And carried by oceans

Eternity has fashioned their character

These stones are strong

Held in the hands of an architect

They build bridges to cross rivers

These stones are pale milk sandstone

Held in the hands of a sculptor

They can be carved with intricate patterns

These stones are smooth stones

Held in a child’s hand

They can be skimmed joyfully across still ponds

These stones are rocks

Held in my hands

They can be thrown
The power of a stone
Along a beach – Denmark