Can We Let Go of the Stirring Stick?

Can I let go of my stirring stick?

Bring me the blackness

In dark empty shades

Ebony, charcoal

Then a touch of slate grey.


Bring me the bitterness

Of festering green

Well mixed and blended

To twist what has been.


Slowly, stir with ripe jealousy

Add torn, shredded hate

Boiled and bubbled

By long years of wait.


Stoke up the wild fires

Of bitter mind games,

Refuse to see anything

But wild angry flames.


With fierce determination

Hold that stirring stick

What a juicy addiction

This need to lick!


What could have been brilliance!

In warm, welcome red.

Is left in the darkness,

Forgotten and dead.


I find it deeply troubling that we have reached a point in history where it is more valuable to stir up hate – to point angry fingers, create lines of separation and exclude, to blame, to demand and lie – than it is to find common ground, to open doors and look for what is truly valuable in being connected to family, neighbours, communities, countries.

I will be honest and say I do not understand, yet at the same time accept my capacity to be part of the problem. Sometimes, holding on to bitterness and rage is a lot easier, or so it seems, than letting it go and finding a way forward with others.

One thought on “Can We Let Go of the Stirring Stick?

  1. Hate sells faster and better , what went wrong and how bad it was speeds up we the consumers have a demand on the supply to fill us the top every inch our soul has got..with..evilness ..dark side..shades of grey to paralyze our society…intentionally !!!


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