Bird Song

Bird Song

These last few May days have been such a welcome. The warming, constant sun, brightening the land around me, the blossoming variety of wild flowers that simply delight, as I take a walk down the lane. Yet, it is the simple song of the birds that always lifts my soul. From the coldest, January day in the early days of this year to now, their song has persisted in its wonderful melody. I can do nothing more than stop, listen and honour my brother and sisters, the birds.


Morning wakers

Tree singers

Lane dancers

Melody makers

Heart lifters

Joy bringers

Soul captivators Lane dancers







Dawn Chorus

The sinister chains of a dark invading night,

Hold the world deep, in slumber’s dungeon fight.

When out from inky ebony,

A daring spell  with a simple melody,

Melts away the blackness’s smothering power.

That sure and confident little song,

Breaks the silence in the morning hour.