Dear Ocean

Questions for the Ocean

Dear Ocean,

 How much do you like heaving and rolling great waves?

What countless dark secrets have you sent to their grave?

In grand stormy weather do you like tossing up sticks,

While bashing the coastline, is that just done for kicks?

Questions for the Ocean

Do cray fish tickle as they crawl along?

At night are you soothed by a dolphin’s song?

Is the amount of plastic becoming a joke?

And countless oil spills do they cause you to choke?

 When mirrored like glass, is this your way

Of memorising sailors to want to stay?

Captivated by the lapping wave’s alluring speech

About distant shores just beyond reach.

 Questions for the Ocean

As I stand on the shore and look out to the sea.

What far of adventures do you have for me?

Will your vast, fickle beauty make me realise

I am merely pebble of insignificant size.


Now that we own a boat, we are beginning to make further travel plans. Where will we go and how long will it take? We talked seriously about the question of our sailing skills and experience. Most importantly, what sailing challenges do we feel confident tackling? I suppose at the moment, not many! However, all new challenges require the courage to step out into unknown territory and push the limit of both skill and knowledge. Over the summer, we plan to spend as much time sailing in the Baltic as we can. Then Andromeda, our yacht, will be hauled out of water for the winter. The dream is to go much further, so come the autumn, we will make decisions about the next steps along this journey. As I began to ponder the possible next steps in my head, I stood on the shore looking out to the sea and I had few questions for the Ocean!