What is it that the Birds know?

birds know spring is coming

The darkness of a winter morning,

Two months round the sun before daylight

The wise birds sing their spring lullaby.

One and a half hours of darkness must shift

For light to be our evening companion.

In patient emptiness the trees draw

Their fingers across a grey, slate sky,

But the birds know, they are convinced

Even in the darkness two months before spring,

So they sing.


Bird song always warms my soul. It is set as an alarm on my iPad and is a gentle way to wake up. Although I must confess to having heard the original on many occasions, the need for an alarm version proving unnecessary! However, as bird song pierces the silence of a long winter day or the darkness of night, it is as if the quiet presence of God has warmed my heart. To walk along a country lane wrapped up warm against the cold and have a little sparrow sing its song to me, is like a piece of heaven has landed before my feet.