I returned today to a part of Vienna that I have not visited in a long time, the Pötsleinsdorfer Schlosspark. It can be found at the terminal of the 41 tram, if you would like to visit. It is worth making the journey away from the hub of the city to a place that is more peaceful and with the Vienna Woods beckoning beyond. I love the Greek style statues that mingle with the trees ,as if taking a stroll in the afternoon air. They were bought and placed in their current home by the park’s owner, following a fire which destroyed their home. Another reason, I love this place is the view afforded from the Greek pavillion which is towards the middle of the park. It provided the inspiration for the following poem.


Frame me, contain me,

Hold a boundary to me.

Only see a view that can be safely described.

Bold straight lines that seek to refine

And hold an aspiration, so sharply defined

Clean and rigid, deep and frigid

Fixed so firmly: clear and distinct.

But what if I am wavy, eternally changey?

What if I am curvy and resolutely nervy?

What if I am madness and crazy, grey sadness?

What if I am slippery, and hard to get to grippery?

What if I am nothing, you have ever defined?

Would you press me, oppress me?

Would you bore me, ignore me?

Would you hate me, berate me?

Would you do me down?

Yet could you curiously observe

And with a brave, strong nerve,

Find a way to let me stand by your side?

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