Could This Be The One?

Just before Christmas, Chris and I set off to Denmark to take a serious look at a yacht. We have always had the desire to travel and when last year Chris suggested that we learn to sail, I was eager to give it a go. Having wetted our appetite, we have cautiously edged forward, developing our sailing skills where we can, reading lots of books and searching for our mode of transport.

We’ve hit a few challenges on the way. Chris suffering a heart attack last summer, while we were on our way into Wales to view a boat, being the most difficult. A potential party pooper on a grand scale perhaps?

However, we have kept edging forward. The trip to Denmark was the first time we could both go view a boat together. The road of life rose to meet us with the timing of flights, and the availability of the owner, so that we could make our trip over the course of the weekend. In fact, lots of glorious coincidences and connections were made over the two days we spent in Denmark and our hopes grew… then came the sting in the tail.

Over to me to tell the story!!