Seasonal Change

As the year has drawn to a close, I have had the opportunity to return to familiar places and observe them at different seasons. The thrill for me has been the dramatic contrast, often within the space of a few weeks.

This focused my attention on the concept of ‘Time’ and  my view of it. Do I consider time as linear and a pressing sense of getting things down, deadlines and endings? Or as I observe within the natural world, do I consider “Time’ to be a cycle and have its own gentle, comforting rhythm? As I pondered, the words came…

The unhurried seasonal cycle
Vineyards. Vienna by C Day

In No Rush

I am in no rush to circle the sun.

The seasons come and have their fun.

The day and the night glide quietly by

Across a dynamic, changing sky.

The shadows lengthen as the day grows long,

While the air chills once the night becomes strong.

The unhurried seasonal cycle
Vineyards, Vienna

The rhythm is simple and easily found

If one stops, takes time to look around.

Hear no ticking clock, nor frenzied command,

To perform and jump to every demand.

Just the gentle beat of nature’s heart

Seeking to make its eternal mark.

2 thoughts on “Rushed?

  1. Yes, nature is never in a rush. Its quiet and leisurely pace is a challenge to our noisy and hectic human lives. How favoured we are in the beautifully changing seasons. Many in other climates envy us.


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