What a year has it been?

What a year it has been?

A sad year

A bad year

A year to bang your head my dear

And wail with loud laments at the trouble in the world.

What a year has it been?

A bold year

A gold year 

A year where swallows dip across the sky my dear

and scream with loud exhileration at the beauty in the world.

What a year has it been?

As the year draws to a close, I reflected on all the things that have happened. We have taken the possibility of our sailing adventure to another level. An opportunity to sail by ourselves in Croatia was wonderful and terrifying all at the same time. I wrote about our experiences in the post sailing the science of not hitting things.

What a year it has been

There have been challenges this year too. Chris’s heart attack was not something we had expected and brought with it the very real possibility that planned adventures would have to be curtailed. However, for now, we press on. We have started to investigate buying a small yacht, but as with buying anything until all the myriad of details are confirmed and agreed, we hold our breath and wait.

What a year is has been?Our life and journey, despite its challenges, is full of many privileges. One of the many I have is to take a walk along the back lane and watch as the seasons roll by. The pattern remains the same – spring, summer, autumn, winter, but the degree and depth changes. I take pleasure in observing and a delight in the small changes of colour and light that at times seem only for me. Then while feasting my eyes on such quiet beauty, the encroching destruction in the world is forgotten for a short while.



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