The Weekend Before

My thoughts about new adventure

This morning I walked along the back lane, thinking about this second half of life that I am living. I rambled my way and murmured my thoughts. This is the weekend before the weekend that we head off to seriously find out first yacht.

The weekend before from Deborah Robinson on Vimeo.

We’ve been warned it may take a while to find ‘the one’. It is an important decision because this could end up being our home for a while. Also, we have a budget to keep and every expense above that eats into the money left for travel.

Thoughts on a journey
Here is the sunlight tree I stopped to photography
Where will we travel? We don’t know yet. With regard to sailing, we have much more to learn. We still face physical challenges and unanswered questions. I thought Chris’s his heart attack back in August, had put an end to sailing. But he is making a good recovery and we continue to press on and pursue the dream.

Thinking about a journey
Met this fellow on my early morning walk
So we have turned our attention to finding a yacht. Three have been considered so far. I could not go along to look, but I trust Chris’s judgment. We dipped our toes into the mad world of buying a boat and immediately felt the frustration of viewing a strong possibility, only to be told another offer was on the table. To secure the deal we would need to up the asking price by €5000!! Needless to say we walked away – crest fallen, but wiser.

The weekend before part 2 from Deborah Robinson on Vimeo.