At Last: Summer Heat

By day, the oppressive air rules with angry fist.

The henchman’s hiss of silent summer heat

Extracts energy to power its unremitting boil.

By evening, the air relents and restores.

The gentle caress of breeze evening cool

Dispenses her refreshing seductive charms.

Finally at the end of August, I experienced a day worthy of my shorts. The main bulk of the mid to late summer weather in England this year has been disappointing to say the very least. Then, at last, a whole day of warm – one might even declare hot! – sunshine. Out came the suntan lotion, which had been gathering cobwebs in the bathroom and on went the shorts, which needed ironing before I could wear them. They had last seen action on the sailing holiday in Croatia and have since been stored away under the bed in the very, hot, generally not Uk weather clothes box.

Since the heat of the day promised so much, it had to be finished with a barbecue. This was an impromptu decision since planning barbecues more than 24 hours in advance, is the kiss of death to glorious weather in this country. Stealth barbecuing is the name of the game here. So it was that late afternoon, I was dispatched to local supermarket to acquire the necessary barbecue coals. The weather held. Mr Day set to work on the barbecue itself and I sorted out the food.

Because of this summer’s encounters with a heart attack, we have been reviewing our diet. Mediterranean diet the advice said, so out came fish and vegetables. Mackerel with olive oil and basil accompanied by courgettes, peppers and mushrooms. Followed by cooked bananas topped with chopped dark chocolate and dates. Prepared by Mr Day. He has been inspired by ‘Deliciously Ella’ a cookbook by Ella Mills.

It was such a delight to enjoy good, simple food outside on a warm summer’s night and to savour the pure pleasure of the breeze evening cool.

The following day, it was back to normal – grey skies, light rain and the shorts back in the box under the bed!!