Views from a Hammock

Some days are hammock days

And need companionship with a river.

Discreet, still and journeyed

Wise enough to hold a complexity of thoughts


Some days are hammock days

And need a vast expanse of blue

Strewn with shades of white clouds

Light enough to hold a wealth of imaginings


Some days are hammock days

And need a different vision

Underneath, sideways and slightly skewed

Brave enough to hold a disturbance of perspective.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about choosing my focus. I have, and continue to, come to the realisation that it is my choice as to how I view the situations and circumstances of my life. I then related my experiences to my recent attempts at learning the art of sailing. Life has become quite challenging at the moment. There are increasing and unexpected gusts. They seem to be arriving with increasing regularity and we are faced with making a significant course alternation.

Both of us have always been fit, healthy and active, but in these last few years that has begun to change. We have faced physical injuries and overcome them. Hitting a coach head on, was not our best move and slipping of the fourth step on the stairs to fracture my ankle a year later, was not particularly clever either. However, we healed, bones mended and we worked on strengthening the weaknesses.

However, now the storm of long-term illness has arrived. Its debilitating, energy snapping, strength removing fog has descended and we cannot see the course ahead. Hospital appointments dominate life at the moment with no answers to questions, forth coming. What exactly is this? Is it curable? How long will it take? What is the long-term prognosis? The silence is deafening.

So for me these days are hammock days. I need a different view.