Choosing my Focus

The clock is ticking, 

The day is clicking

Relentlessly on and on.

The heart is shaking

And love lies breaking

Always something left undone.

The mind is racing,

A long list you are facing 

No time to waste, now move along!


The bee about his business, no need to rush.

The wind in the trees, no need to fuss.

The sweet peas greet with a wink and a nod. 

A cup of tea is just the job.

Tender kisses arrive on the phone,

A small reminder you are not alone. 


I have been reading a book by Brenè Brown, The Gifts of Imperfection: Let go of who you think you’re supposed to be and embrace who you are. 

To say it made me think, is an understatement, particularly when I got to the section on scarcity. I am often afraid to lose what I most love and totally hate that there are no guarantees.

I started to learn to sail a dingy recently. The first weekend was a challenge. If truth be told, all the lessons were a challenge. I’ve already talked about my experiences of learning to sail in the blog post Sailing-the science of not hitting things. Dingy sailing was my desire to get to grips with the wind; to know how to respond to it better. Well that first weekend, the wind rather got to grips with me!! It was gusty and unpredictable. A lot like life.

On reflection, I realised how much my sailing experience was/is a metaphor for the life choices I make.

First: I can sit in the boat fearful of every squall, tension ripping though my body wondering what disaster will befall. Beating myself up when it all goes wrong.

Or: I can learn to respond, drop the sail if the wind is too strong, change tack to get where I am going, even if I appear to be heading away from the destination and accept sometimes I will fall in.

I wrote the poem in response to a choice. I can choose to think life is a disaster, or I can choose to focus differently. I can choose to live thinking life it is unfulfilled, or to decide that it is gloriously sufficient. My decision, and a bit like my dingy sailing, I need a lot of practise!!