I took a walk out of my front door this morning to see what I could see. After lots of rain and grey, dull, skies, the pale blue sky and golden light were a feast for the eyes. Come and take the walk with me. Perhaps you took a walk recently? why not link to this post and share your walk with me?

These delicate mushrooms appeared as if by magic at the end of the garden path. I am sure they were not there yesterday morning, but somehow in the course of yesterday, I noticed them. I had to lie flat to get up close with my camera.

Mushrooms on a May Morning

I suspected that the blue tits might be back. Every once in a while, I would catch a flash of light blue coming from the wall. Sure enough this morning I saw them again. I approached with caution, but not sounds of babies yet!!

Bluetits live here on a May Morning

The fading moon high in the early morning sky, caught the corner of my eye as I left the drive.

The Moon on a May Morning

A light rimmed sycamore tree was the shot I choose, because I could not get an image of the robin that flitted over my head in the branches of the tree. Trees are much easier to shoot – They stand still!!

Back lit tree on a May Morning

While I walked down the lane, I was stuck by the colour of lime green youthful leaves across a pale blue sky.

May morning -6929

Then at the bottom of the lane, the Ash trees splendid in their golden cloaks.

May morning -6939

The morning dew glinting on the crop of wheat in the field.

Dew on grass on a May Morning

And one delicate little buttercup with its face turned to drink in warm spring sun.

Buttercup on a May Morning

Now the birds would like a word!

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