Too expensive.

To buy

Too tired

To care.

Too busy

To stop.

Too passive

To try.

Too quiet

To be heard.

Too old

To matter.

Too young

To know.

Too important

To listen.

Too different

To include.

Too late

To stop.

Too early

To begin.

Too uncomfortable

To ignore.

Too far away

To notice.

Too painful

To try

To fathom

The lies

To lead

Too many

To leave.

4 thoughts on “Too: – a higher degree than is desirable

  1. Almost too deep to take in this one……..reminds me of an ad that is on TV at the moment which is shot in black and white…..can’t remember who it is for but it is about global repsonsibility. May use this with my Year 6 when we tackle migration issues at the end of the year. If any of them can think beyond the end of their own noses that is!!! Keep them coming Debs.xx


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