Just Before the Trees Sing 

Just before the trees sing

Just before the trees sing,

The world is colourless grey,

Only invigorated by dappled Sun’s rays

Just before the trees sing

The forest orchestra makes ready,

Over chill blue skies, thin bows held upright, steady!

Just before the trees sing

The Spring conductor raps a gentle beat

Buds, blossom, nesting birds begin to feel the heat.

Then when the trees sing

The world erupts with crescendo green

Wild allegrezza freshness, over calando winter scene

This is a poem I posted previously. I remember the occasion that caused its inception. That moment when you realise the trees are about to explode. I have been waiting for that moment the last few weeks. But this year, seems different – almost as if the trees are holding back. Some have begun to create music and are already full of fresh green leaves, but many across the sky line seem to be waiting – are they somewhat reluctant to bloom? Maybe its just me and I am probably seeing things differently.

I’ve also just had the opportunity to visit Vienna and Florence recently and the trees in both cities are at a very different stage of development. In Florence, everything is in full bloom, even the elder flowers are out! In Vienna, all the trees are their new spring clothes, fresh and clean after a very cold winter. Although just in the last week, they must have wondered if they needed to put their winter woolies back on, as the temperature dropped 15 degrees and snow fell for a while. But here in the UK, the older, wiser trees seem to be waiting. Holding back to see, perhaps, that the winter will not be making a sudden return.

Just before the tress sing
Forest of Bowland, Lancashire