Shall I ride my Bicycle?

Shall I ride my bicycle

Shall I ride my bicycle across this stone cold floor?

Would you even notice if I tap at your door?

If I left my bicycle parked out in the street

Would you come a looking for whom I’d gone to meet?

Would my lonely bicycle cause you any alarm?

And would you come and see if I had come to some great harm?

Or would you quickly ponder, then silently in your head


Bicycles left lonely, mean the owner must be dead.

Shall I ride my bicycle
Copenhagen, Denmark

Hello there!! I often witter on at this point about why I wrote what I wrote, or what an image or poem drew my thoughts to. I know why I wrote this particular poem, but I am not going to say at the moment.

 I always read my writing to Chris, he is my greatest encourager and quiet provoaker. His first words were interesting, then he felt the poem was dark and he has gone away to think about it.

So, I am interested to know what you think. What does the image and the words draw your thoughts to? I am curious. Please pop your pondering in the comments section below and we can all ponder together. 

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