Frame me, Contain me: Seeking a better way to define

Frame me, Contain me

Frame me, contain me,

Hold a boundary to me.

Only see a view that can be safely described.

Bold straight lines that seek to refine

And hold an aspiration, so sharply defined

Clean and rigid, deep and frigid

Fixed so firmly: clear and distinct.

But what if I am wavy, eternally changey?

What if I am curvy and resolutely nervy?

What if I am madness and crazy, grey sadness?

What if I am slippery, and hard to get to grippery?

What if I am nothing, you have ever defined?

Would you press me, oppress me?

Would you bore me, ignore me?

Would you hate me, berate me?

Would you do me down?

Yet could you curiously observe

And with a brave, strong nerve,

Find a way to let me stand by your side?

Frame Me, Contain Me.
Pötzleinsdorfer Schloss Park, Vienna

There are lots of lovely parks to choose from in Vienna and this is one of my favourite. It sits outside the main centre of the city in district 18. The park itself is relatively easy to reach, being right at the end of the line for the 41 tram. As I took a slow wander around the park one summer, this structure intrigued me. Something about the light, and the contrast between the rigid lines of the building,  framed by the view of the natural world beyond. I spend a while photographing it from several different angles.

It is interesting to me that photography is very much about capturing a view: seeing something of interest and framing it with a camera: calling the observer to look in a particular direction and see something specific. It is a skill, that can be used to powerful effect. As with any skill and ability to draw attention, it can be used for good or ill.

 I am also becoming much more dismayed by the hate filled views society seems to be bombarded with. Having experienced the sense of being defined with a narrow inaccurate judgment recently and then reflecting on my ability with ease do the same to others, the words of the poem formed in my head.

One thought on “Frame me, Contain me: Seeking a better way to define

  1. Love it. As always pithy yet deep. I rejoice in being ‘wavy, eternally changey’ and ‘curvy and (sometimes) nervy and am glad for people in my life like yourself who get that. xx


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