Thin yellow

Pale yellow

Standing in the door yellow


Duck yellow

Golden yellow

Chocolate Easter bow yellow

Spring yellow

Bouncing yellow

Very nice to see you yellow

Wild yellow

Sparkly yellow

Running through the meadow yellow


Crinkly yellow

Mellow yellow

A bit bent in the middle yellow

Cool, calm lemon yellow

Have a cup of tea yellow

Sink into a hammock on a warm summer day yellow


Last week while I was driving back home on a particularly miserable day, I thought how much I needed to cheer myself up. I was tired of rain, cold and grey. In fact, I was tired. I had taken myself off to the cinema to while away a very unpromising Saturday afternoon. I went to see Hidden Figures, a film about the Black women, who gifted in science and maths, contributed to NASA’s space missions. What an uplifting and thoroughly inspiring story! If you have not seen the film, then go and see it. It is worth every penny.

On the way home, my mind turned to what I could do… yellow I thought. Yellow is a cheerful, uplifting colour. What does yellow remind me of?  Well the ideas skipped into my head and out again as rapidly. “No, no no!” I said, “Wait, I am driving!!” but the ideas are ephemeral things and rather fickle. I managed to pull the car into the drive, flick on the dictaphone on my mobile and get a few of the little creatures fixed, before they headed off across the fields. Sometimes, ideas are like that! Well they are for me!