Dawn Chorus

The sinister chains of a dark invading night,

Hold the world deep, in slumber’s dungeon fight.

When out from inky ebony,

A daring spell  with a simple melody,

Melts away the blackness’s smothering power.

That sure and confident little song,

Breaks the silence in the morning hour.

I posted this poem a couple of months ago, and a recent experience prompted me to go back to it. Shall I tell you what that experience was? Last Friday, I headed home, a little earlier that I have been recently, and do you know what…? It was not completely dark!!

It was such a thrill to feel a sense of space, a weight lift off my shoulders and a deep sigh…light. At last, an end to this dark tunnel of winter, I have been travelling along every morning and evening. Leaving home in the pitch black and returning later in the day to the same darkness, had begun to wear me down and that Friday view across the fields last week, made me realise how much. “Hello!” I said to the fresh ploughed earth, “I have not seen you in a while.”

So it was, that I returned to the ‘Dawn Chorus’ poem, realising more vividly how smothering, darkness can be and how, like cold water to a parched throat, the smallest chink of light or delicate bird is so refreshing after so much darkness.

Now I cannot wait for the days to lengthen and the moment when, as I wake, the sun wakes too, to ride on my journey to work or light up my room with gold.


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  1. Thanks so much for sharing. I have had some lovely moments this week walking in the woods listening to birdsong. I have just started a poetry blog here on WordPress in case you have time to have a look? Today’s post is about bird song. Have a good day Sam 🙂


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