What if you hear footsteps running down the street?

Distant unknown footfalls

That you must rise to meet?


Would you grip your heart so tightly

In a fearful embrace

And wait anticipating, something terrible to take place?


Or, would you gather your soul with purpose

And a joyful call

Then waste no time in helping something wonderful to befall?

The images I am showing you are from a time I spent with friends, who lived in Morocco. This image was taken in the old town of Meknes and I did indeed here the footsteps coming along the street. I’d left an old house in the medina and was walking to join one of the many winding streets in that part of town. I was struck firstly by the quality of the light, so I hung back and waited for the others I was with to turn into the street. Selfishly, I did not want them to ruin my shot! Then I heard the footsteps and anticipated what was coming. I clicked the shutter and hoped I had got the moment right. Seems I had, this one did well in a photography magazine competition!

As the new year dawns and time for reflection has been had for all that 2016 was and was not. Resolutions are made and  I felt drawn back to the image once more, as if it had something to say about the view I choose to take of the world.

What if you hear footsteps

A side street in Meknes, Morocco


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