What are my reflections on a Christmas Market?

What makes Vienna Christmas so special?

A festive chill walk

Into a Christmas market,

Around empty stalls,

Camera in hand to observe,

Arrangements to make merry.


My reflections of a Christmas Market
Karlsplatz, Resselpark, Vienna

My simple reflection

Is.  We are ordinary

And like to belong

To something worth standing for;

Goodness, kindness, hope and peace.

A Vienna Christmas
Christmas Market, Resselpark, Vienna

Vienna is an easy city to spend time in. The efficiency of the public transport system makes a car unnecessary. I love riding the tram down to Schottentor and walking round to the Rathaus, or jumping on the U4 and heading to the Donau Canal to see what the graffiti artists have created along the walls. At this time of year though, the Christmas markets take over. There are several, each with a different character and focus.

On this occasion I headed to Karlsplatz and the market at Resselpark. It was mid morning and the main stalls were only just beginning to open. A perfect oppportinuty to observe, and keep my purse firmly in my pocket – though I was sorely tempted. The market is the place to go to for beautiful artwork and it is one of more child friendly of the Christmas Markets.

Reflections on a Christmas Market
Christmas Market, Vienna


It was a cold morning, so eventually I retreated to a cafe for something hot. My favourite coffee shop was on the other side of the city and I had to make do with Starbucks! Then having warmed up, I jumped on the U2 and headed for the Rathaus. I passed several parties of school children being led by their teachers on trips round the city. I marvelled at the teacher’s  courage and compared the similaries. Yes children the world over annoy each other, do daft things on school trips and are generally loud and chattery. I smiled quietly to myself, as any teacher does, who is ‘off duty’

The Christmas market at the Rathaus is bigger and bolder than the one at Resselpark. It has a wider range of stalls to choose from, food, crafts, decorations, but is equally child friendly. As soon as Christmas is finished, the market will transform into the main hub of the New Year’s celebrations or Silverfest as it is called in Vienna. I always like the buzz and the chance to go hang out!

Vienna Christmas