A Glass Dip Ink Pen

A glass dipped ink pen

He gave me a Glass Dip Ink Pen

And told me “Girl you should write!”

So I dipped that pen into inky black,

Weighted the anchor and never looked back.


I trimmed my sail and plotted my course

Through breezy words and squalling thoughts.

As a fine rigged clipper, I can glide with ease

Across a vast expanse of paper seas.


Like a dolphin racing of the port bow,

My simple soul has come to know

Where wind blown images of a streamlined kind

Need to be caught or left behind.

One Christmas Chris bought me a glass dip ink pen, because he wanted to encourage me to write. You see that previous year, and I don’t know why, I started to create poems. The first one I wrote was about a blackbird. It formed in my head quite unexpectedly, as I watched the afore mentioned blackbird. After that more poems and ideas appeared, and surprisingly stayed.

Normally at this point my confidence would put on its coat and leave early. You see I failed English twice at school.  I was never told what I did well, just what was wrong, so I concluded that I was no good at writing and I avoided it at all costs. Why do something that had become so painful?

Sometimes I would dabble with the idea of a story, or write my memories of travels abroad. After I had finished, I’d sit back and for a brief moment think “that’s not so bad!” but quickly the voice in my head would quietly say “but you failed…twice” and I would nod quietly in agreement and go on my way.

Then one day the poems came. Later the gift of a pen and a task to complete. I was to write a poem for every month of the year. I quite like challenges, so I wrote: poems each month.

This year I decided to do something about the hidden beliefs I held that often stopped me moving forward with confidence and I went along to Philippa at Mindsets Academy, who asked the question “Why are you not making your writing public?” A good question I thought, so  I took all the bits and pieces of writing and set sail with Debs Dialogue.