The First Signs of Autumn

The First Signs of Autumn



My quiet and gentle associate

Comes unannounced

At summer’s fading


My generous, giving companion

Ripens richly

At summer’s desertion


My wildly, colourful acquaintance

Decorates vividly

At summer’s demise

It seems in these quiet days that autumn has gently slipped in through the back door. Perhaps because the end of the summer was so wonderfully warm, it is easier to notice the sudden and very deliberate change that has come into the air. A stillness – almost waiting – has come, that the year is now turning to its conclusion. All  that has been made is ready for the coming  dark winter months.

 The trees seem tired. They have lost their luscious, summer green, But there are no vivid warm colours yet, only the anticipation of the last crescendo, before the sun sinks below the horizon for longer than it is above it!

So it is with mixed feelings that I great the sun, as he rises on my way to work. Today it was burnt orange light that threw itself across my path. A truly distracting  wonder. I was slightly annoyed, that I didn’t have time to stop, nor did I have my camera. However I know that soon he will stay asleep for much longer and I will make my morning journey in the dark.

2 thoughts on “The First Signs of Autumn

  1. Beautifully written! It’s hard to believe how quickly that darkness is going to descend upon us, and S L O W it’s going to feel before the light is back. It’s good to enjoy these transitional days, however, where there’s still some warmth to the sun and color in the leaves, whether it’s green…or red, yellow, and orange!!


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