The best thing about Lancashire?

Since moving away from my home county of Lancashire nearly five years ago! My goodness I hardly realised time has moved so quickly. There is one thing above all others that I miss the most. I return as often as I can, stocking up on all the provisions that I need.

You see the thing I miss most of all, is not really a person, or a place, but a supermarket. You may think I am strange?…. and I very well maybe! However I would suggest you have never graced the doors of this most wonderfully local of food shopping experiences. Here is my simple tribute.

An Ode to Booths

Oh Booths my heart stirs and an urgent bidding calls,

To enliven my senses with local produce, fair

Sumptuously your cheeses quickly my eye enthrals

Home baked bread a captivating snare.

A rich tapestry of colour: fruit and veg diverse.

For you, oh Booths, have so many charms!

I return to be teased by rare chutneys and local game

Your reward card is held close within my purse

And branded canvas bag laid across my arms

My loyalty is yours no other supermarket may claim.