Possibly the Best Wild Camping Spot Ever?

Possible the best wild camping spot

Follow me! Come with me!

See how I tumble and fall

Over the rocks a crescendo call

Shouting and smashing and drumming, I spew

Out of the mountain I come with a new

Energy, vigorously cleaning the land.


I’m rushing

I need to be free

Out of the valleys

And on to the sea!

The best wild camping spot
Mahuia Rapids, Tongariro National Park, NZ

I do so love an unexpected find! Don’t you? Especially when you feel a bit deflated. Chris (Mr Day) and I had spent a couple of days touring the North Island of New Zealand, by hiring a camper van from Wilderness motor homes. It was brilliantly flexible. The vans were self-contained, so we could  wild camp responsibly.

On this particular day the weather was proving awkward and our hopes of making the Tongariro Crossing were dashed. So we decided to head off along the SH47, to see if we could explore the Whakapapa Ski field and also find somewhere to stay. We headed past Mangatepopo Road – this would have been the route we would had taken had we been able to attempt crossing Tongariro – feeling a small tug in the heart. However few miles later out of the corner of my eye I noticed something. “Mr Day! Stop!” I shouted.

Mr Day was already in the process of turning the van round. We turned up a dirt road alongside the stream and found a place to park. With cameras at the ready, we began exploring the Mahuia Rapids.

The best wild camp spot ever
Mahuia Rapids, Tongariro National Park, NZ

Feeling mighty pleased with ourselves, we climbed back in the van, just as another vehicle appeared from round a corner. Where had this come from? It was too good an opportunity to miss! We continued further up the dirt road, through some very deep puddles. We were now out of sight of the road and in our own private secluded camping spot. “This is where we are staying tonight!’ announced Mr Day!