Dawn Chorus

Sunrise and the dawn chorus

The sinister chains of a dark invading night,

Hold the world deep, in slumber’s dungeon fight.

When out from inky ebony,

A daring spell  with a simple melody,

Melts away the blackness’s smothering power.

That sure and confident little song,

Breaks the silence in the morning hour.

I watched a programme recently or was it a podcast I listened too? Anyway it drew my attention to the dawn chorus. I would like to be able to recognise bird song, so I listened with interest to what the RSPB had to say.

This morning I was awake very early, I do that sometimes. However it meant I was at that point where the silence of night suddenly changes and it really is sudden! The birds start to sing. What was surprising, was it wasn’t just one bird. It was as if a few, feathered fellows got together and said “ Right lads! And a 1, and a 2, and a 3 …..” The timing was perfect. However a few minutes later the crows joined in. Poor things they do not have the best voices I’ve heard.

And I am curious to know what the bird is that sounds like a squeaky gate on acid. Anyone know?

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