Just before the trees sing,
The world is colourless grey,
Only invigorated by dappled Sun’s rays

Just before the trees sing
The forest orchestra makes ready,
Over chill blue skies, thin bows held upright, steady!

Just before the trees sing
The Spring conductor raps a gentle beat
Buds, blossom, nesting birds begin to feel the heat.

Then when the trees sing
The world erupts with crescendo green
Wild allegrezza freshness, over calando winter scene

Last year I as part of my work as a teacher, I spent every week outside in a small wooded area on the school field with a class of six year olds. Together we were learning about seasonal change. As an adult, I already knew how the seasons changed! But I quickly realised that while I may ‘know’ something in my head, I had not experienced it at such close first hand. I never fully appreciated that sudden crescendo in spring, when the trees explode into green. It was breathtaking and more so, because of the ‘Wows’ expressed by the children, as we walked out onto the field after a two week break to suddenly see the change in the woodland. The change to Autumn caused an even greater response.

This year I have continued my seasonal cycle with another group of children, but this year has been entirely different. The weather patterns varied and the response of nature equally so. Yet the similarities are there in the cycle, ready and waiting to be observed, experienced and enjoyed, if we but take the time and have eyes to see it.

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