Pheasant if you Please!

local pheasant at window



I beg you please,

Poo in your own backyard

Human, I regret to inform

I was.

Living where I do, I have many interactions with local wildlife. Birds mostly. Unfortunately this gentleman caller is not so welcome, especially when he does his calling under my window in the early hours of the morning. After a relatively quiet winter, he has returned to his usual serenading spot, arriving regularly at 5am. I cannot say I find his tone pleasant. It is rather flat and definitely jarring. He has not yet brought his lady friend with him, as he did last year. I did wonder at his faithfulness, as I caught him tapping on my window on several occasions. I soon sent him packing and this year he has not attempted to be so bold.

 local pheasant at window Local pheasant calling

Perhaps he now understands my true intentions are to satisfy my own appetites to the demise of his own. The door to the kitchen is left open. He has not ventured in!

Oh well! my interaction with other creatures have, at times,  been sad. Spiders I can take or leave. I don’t do the screaming hissy thing that some girls do. Much to the deep sadness of a group of apprentices back in my engineering days, who on placing a large, dead spider next to me, while my full attention was absorbed in marking up a piece of metal for the milling machine. Yes I worked on the shop floor, in overalls! Received a disinterested glance. Their disappointment was audible, while my inward pleasure, party like.

However I do object to spiders expiring on my bathroom floor, especially when I am around to witness such death throws.


 A spider died on the bathroom floor,

Spent its life making webs around the door

 A spider died what shall I do?

Wrap in tissue and flush down the loo!